10 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

By May 8, 2018On Page SEO

As a beginner just starting a website, one of the things you need to learn fast is how to optimise your site for search engines. Learn how to do this well, and you can be sure your site will rank high on Google.

Given below are 10 tips from the best Sydney SEO specialist that are sure to give maximum results without taking any risks of being penalised by Google. Follow these rules and you will be able to optimise your website easily.

1. Page Titles and Descriptions

Page titles and descriptions are a crucial part of SEO optimisation, especially for Google SEO. Make sure your titles are descriptive and show clearly what your page is about. For page descriptions, Google may choose to show a snippet of the page’s content in the search engine.

2. Internal Links

These are links that point to other pages on your website. You can link related articles together by using a keyword anchor or writing the full title of the article.

3. Breadcrumbs

These are set of links that aid navigation. If you are on WordPress, there are available plugins that will help you create breadcrumbs.

4. Page Speed

When the web pages take too long to load, it discourages users. Remove unnecessary plugins and optimise your images.

5. Image Optimisation

The use of images in your posts enhances user experience. Optimise your image size, use keywords in image file names and keep all images in a separate folder on your site.

6. Text Formatting

When you want to publish new posts on your site, you have to do some basic formatting. Use H1 tags for the title of your posts, H2 tags for your post’s main headings, and use bold and italics to draw reader’s attention.

7. Permanent Link Structure

This is the format of URLs for your pages or the individual posts on the website/blog. Make sure your URLs are simple to understand, use hyphens to separate words, avoid keyword stuffing, and avoid unnecessary words and lengthy URLs.

8. Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

Using Google and Bing’s webmaster tools, you register and submit your website to their index. This enables you to get relevant information about the number of incoming and internal links and get notified of any potential problems with your website.

Google Analytics helps you know how visitors find your website, what keywords they used, how long they stayed on your site and how many pages they viewed per visit. This helps you make informed decisions.

9. Value Packed Content

Content is still the best way to get repeat visitors to a website. Make sure your content always delivers what the title promised, check for typos, include references from other established sources, and provide links to related topics on your website.

Also, continually upload new, fresh and interesting content on your site. This gives an impression that you are versatile and visitors keep coming back.

10.Link from Other Websites

Link building plays a crucial role in Google ranking algorithm. There is an element of trust associated with a website/blog when other website links to it according to the top Sydney SEO specialist.