4 Easy Ways to Improve the Organic Traffic on Your Web Pages

By April 11, 2018SEO Tips

When running an online business, your website needs a lot of organic traffic. Any deficiency in this traffic can point out to the disinterest in your offerings. At the same time, it can mar the efforts that you put into the designing of website. Apart from attracting the organic traffic to your pages, you also need to improve and maintain consistency in it. In the simplest terms, traffic refers to the number of users who visit your website through a search engine where they use the targeted keywords. However, despite your best efforts, there may be times when this organic traffic begins falling or become redundant. Many factors affect this fall. If it becomes an ongoing trend, it is time to find a reliable Sydney SEO agency to manage your campaigns here on. There are several ways of doing so. They include:

Check Google Search Console for Penalties:

Sometimes, there may be some manual penalties imposed by Google due to a plagiarised content, backlinking to a spammed site, or any other black-hat strategy. Google sends notifications through its search console to inform you about the penalties. You should check these notifications regularly and take corrective measure immediately. Once it is done, send a request to Google for lifting these penalties.

Understand the Competition:

In the field of online businesses, the competition has become inevitable. It is important for every business owner to keep an eye on this competition to analyse the key factors affecting it. You can check your search position in terms of relevant and targeted keywords. It helps in identifying any specific drops in the online traffic. You should also check if any new business has entered the domain and cutting into your organic traffic. Here, it is important to understand the ways in which your competitors are managing their SEO campaigns. To cut through this noise, lay your trust in a dependable Sydney SEO agency.

Identify the Zones of Falling Traffic:

Your website may be faring impressively in some areas while it may falter at other points. This fall in organic traffic may be caused due to some specific keywords or improperly designed web pages. It ultimately leads to a cumulative impact on the level of organic traffic. If you find any such specific page where you find a significant drop in traffic, you should analyse deeply to locate the reasons behind this drop.

Analyse the Backlinks:

The quality and numbers of backlinks also affect the flow of organic traffic on your website. It requires frequent auditing of the link profile to find the triggers leading to bad backlinks. It is important to improve your domain authority with the help of authentic backlinks to the authority websites.

These are the important hacks to improve the organic traffic on your web pages.