7 Success Factors for Search Engine Optimisation

By April 5, 2018SEO Tips

It is vital to ensure the off-page and on-page SEO factors coordinate and complement each other for high search rankings in Australia. Violations such as stuffing and cloaking can harm your rankings and reduce the success rate. Below are a bunch of factors to consider for successful Search Engine Optimisation according to top Melbourne SEO consultant:

All SEO Factors Work Together

All factors coordinate together to guarantee success. No single factor can single-handedly guarantee good rankings. A good HTML title by itself won’t work if the content of the page is of low quality. Increase the number of positive factors to have better odds, as negative factors will reduce success odds.

On-the-Page: Search Ranking Success Factors

These are the factors which are completely within the control of the publisher. They include the content type to be published or the HTML clues which make search engines deem your content relevant. It also includes factors related to how the site’s architecture assists or hinder the search engines.

Off-the-Page: Search Ranking Success Factors

The publishers have no control over these factors. Search engines can’t solely rely on on-page factors which the publisher can control. To relay the best search results, other factors and signals have to be considered.

Search Engine Optimisation Violations and Penalties

Search engines deem some practises as ‘black hat’ or even ‘spam’. If either of these labels is given to your content, penalties or even permanent bans could be faced. Violations involve actions or practises that are done to manipulate or rather deceive the search engine’s perception of a website’s real relevance or authority.

Weighing The Search Ranking Factors

Different success factors have different weights based on importance. Some are higher ranked than others, but this does not deem any of the less ranked unimportant. However, special attention should be paid to factors with more weight such as content research and quality, HTML titles, mobile optimisation, and links quality. Violations are also ranked in the same manner with spam and cloaking taking on the most.

SEO Success Factors That Are Not as Important

Experienced SEO service providers will often list ALT text and bolding of words as key features within the HTML success factors. However, this is not true as they are not that important. Reason being a publisher is not trying to encompass all the possible signals when posting content, Google has more than two hundred of them and more than ten thousand sub-signals!

The position of the keywords doesn’t really matter. It is hard to determine whether a keyword used on H1 tag carries more weight than when used in an H2 tag. Content published should have great descriptive titles, header tags, and well-structured data. Finally, a good reputation on Twitter may not be worth more than on Instagram. Marketers should, in general, have social accounts with a good reputation which attract a substantial following.

Additional Specifics about the Success Factors

Most of the above-listed success factors by the best Melbourne SEO consultant are not algorithmic in any way. For example, Content Research relies solely on finding out the words consumers use to search for your content. Getting a better understanding of the user is vital in ensuring success despite it not being a ranking factor.