The Difference between Off-Page and On-Page SEO You Need to Know

By March 27, 2018On Page SEO

Search engines are forever changing and updating their algorithms that website owners need to step up their game. Nowadays it is more than just having a website on a search engine. Heavy investments are being made by site owners to improve their traffic and rankings on different search engine. Shortcuts are easily highlighted, and you may get your website blocked if you are not doing things right. Search engine optimisation in Australia has never been more relevant to uphold than these times.

Over time a lot of people have been confusing the Off-page and On-page search engine optimisation.
On-page search engine optimisation can be defined as the SEO changes that you apply to a website page directly like content improvisation and have your HTML code optimised to better your rankings on the search engine.

Off-page search engine optimisation, on the other hand, is when you the SEO activities that you do out of your websites like the social signals and backlinks. Below are some notable differences between these two that could help you do your SEO better.

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

As stated above these are the changes you make to your web pages online. There are however some factors that are relevant to this type of SEO. Here are some important factors that can assist you to improve your SEO.

1.Page Structure

All you need to be keen about on this topic is HTML. Many people ignore them forgetting that they play a vital role in your SEO rankings. The easier they can access and crawl your website the better ranking you get. Your titles, keywords, and Meta descriptions need to be accurate for the HTML to access them easily.

2.URL Structure

When your URL’s are properly edited and organised, it becomes easier for them to navigate through your pages. Ensure that they have keywords and describe the pages that direct to.

3.Quality of Your Web Page

You need to have informative content that is helpful to the search engine user. Stay relevant throughout your web pages with the search engine user in mind at all times. Helpful pages to internet user get the best rankings compared to non-relevant websites.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

As you do search engine optimisation in Australia out of your website, two crucial aspects need to be in your mind. The search engine considers a lot of off-page aspects before ranking your website. Here is what you need to consider when working on off page SEO.

1.Domain Authority

Domains are useful in helping websites determine if they can trust you. This is basically out of your control. Your history as a domain owner including all malpractices can be considered since you opened it and that can be detrimental to your website.


This has the most effect on off-page search engine optimisation. It happens when other website owners link your website to theirs. The search engine recognises when you get backlinks from trusted sources, and that could be good for your rankings and traffic building. You can, however, backlink on your own through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter.

Doing both on-page and off-page search engine optimisation plays a major role in the success of your website. You do them right — get to build better organic traffic and receive even better rankings on search engines. These two ways are instrumental in assisting potential clients in finding you.