How to Improve Site Rankings Using Permalink SEO?

By June 5, 2018SEO Tips

In the quest to reach the top pages of search engine results, a lot of factors have been added and upgraded in SEO tactics. There are some elements that can be effectively used to improve the ranking. Permalink is an important element that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whenever users or search engine bots navigate through your site, they can see the full URL of the page. This complete URL is called permalink.

Even if the content on a page is changed, this URL remains permanent. Google Consider it to be a ranking factor for the website. It shows the relevance and reliability of a page to the crawlers. However, you need to ensure that the permalinks on your website are optimised for SEO. Here are the tips to make them effective:

Maintain Consistency:

The structuring of URLs is varied depending on the options available. Whatever structure you choose, it is important to maintain consistency in it. Inconsistencies can badly affect your SEO strategies. There should be a natural flow of information to improve user experiences.

Ideally, each section of the website should be broken into categories that define the level where they appear. When the permalinks have a similar format throughout the website, it helps users to navigate your site effectively. You should take help of the best SEO company in Sydney to make this happen for your website.

Integrate Keywords into URL:

After choosing a consistent URL structure, you should integrate relevant keywords into them for boosting the SEO writing. These keywords may help the Google and its search bots to know about the content on a page. Use effective keywords that provide higher search volumes to the pages. An ideal approach is to use low competition, long tail keywords that help the search engine in understanding what your page stands for.

Prefer Shorter Links:

The best permalink strategies entail the use of short and crisp URLs to promote the pages. You may be limited in terms of space but this strategy helps in enhancing the traffic in the long term. Long URLs can potentially hurt the SEO potential of the website. It may be ignored by the search engines or ranked only for non-inclusive searches. You should take help of the best SEO company in Sydney to shorten the permalinks and track the changes that it brings to your pages.

Do Not Use Dates:

Dates in the URL can badly hit SEO efforts. When you add dates to a page, users will look for the content that is more up-to-date and relevant rather than being years old. Users always prefer updated posts. Hence, outdated content can increase the bounce rates of your pages. If you want to use a date, publish it on the blog itself.
These are some tips to improve the permalinks for a better SEO.