How to Improve Your Website Performance and the Elements to Consider

By April 5, 2018SEO Consultant

We all know that a website is one of the most efficient tools to make sales. If your website is good, it can convert sales and lets you speak of what your brand really is all about. On the other side of the coin, if your website is notorious for its bounce rate, you would find your sales dwindling down. This is the reality posed to most companies which is why they need a SEO specialist in Sydney.

Making your website look beautiful is an important factor when strategising your digital marketing campaign. There are aspects to a great web design like landing pages, a homepage that sends a great message, and convincing call-to-actions. You must remember that you want your visitors to have a good experience on your website. So, be sure to optimise it before you promote in all the channels in your campaign.

Here are a few web elements that you need to focus on when you are optimising your website so it converts into sales.

  1. Responsiveness
  2. A responsive design means that your content adapts on the size of the screen of the device it is viewed. This is a powerful move as people nowadays surf the internet in a multitude of devices. We spend more of our time on mobile and this is a sign that your website needs to be optimised for mobile viewing.

  3. Brand Proposition
  4. Most of the visitors on your site would most likely not have an idea about you or your brand. A good website can immediately enlighten the visitors about the brand you are projecting. At first glance, your visitors must find the solution to their problem.

    Most businesses make the mistake of projecting how unique and amazing they are. But, that is not really what the visitors are after. They are looking for an answer. To be an established brand, you must give them answers right away.

  5. Simplified and Minimal Forms
  6. A large percentage of businesses would need a form for their customers to fill out. While businesses cannot get away with that, there are ways to simplify these forms. When the forms are simple, the visitors will not find it tedious.

    Only include the most necessary fields as much as possible. Do not include information that is not vital in the transaction process.
    Display a comprehensive error message. Additionally, suggest the user what they have to do to get the error out of the way.
    Go vertical. This makes it easy for the users to move from one field to another.

  7. Site Loading Speed

The speed of the site is technically not a part of the design. However, it is important that you look into it. It is actually one of the biggest factors that impacts conversion just next to navigation.

When you search for something online, it is because you want to know answers fast. When your website does not load speedily, you increase the chances of these visitors to close and move away from your website. An SEO specialist in Sydney can come in handy to start promoting your website.