Jumpstart Your Mobile SEO Campaign

By April 17, 2018On Page SEO

It would be an understatement to say that we love smartphones. In a time where technology is fast developing, we find ourselves seeking smartphones as a necessary tool to keep up with both our work and personal life. Since the smartphone market has become huge, it triggered a shift in SEO.

Today, a Sydney SEO expert focuses more on mobile SEO. It is an evolution of the traditional SEO where websites are being optimised to reach a wider audience while keeping the navigation experience smooth and enjoyable.

Why is it Important to Start Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO has become a vital part of the whole digital marketing strategy as it helps your business target the right customers at the right time in a perfect place. It is sufficient to say that a large percentage of our lives are now dedicated to our phones. This is a signal for businesses that they should take the opportunity of this large market for their business to be seen.

Mobile is not just about browsing while on the move. Take note that people now want information to be readily available and they will use whatever device is available to search for this information. When users want information fast, it means that they are already fixed at buying. So, when they are sure to buy and they see your business while on mobile, you have hit the jackpot.

Desktop vs. Mobile: Which Is More Important?

While the two have a few differences, their goals are almost the same. SEO is done so you can reach out to Internet surfers and turn them into sales. What we have normally done for desktop SEO still applies to mobile SEO but with a slight tweak. Both desktop and mobile SEO is focused on user experience, website performance, and content.

Google is Shifting

Google has made an announcement recently. They said that in 2018, they will start to impose their new algorithm and will do a mobile-first index. This means that they will allocate more value to the mobile version of websites. A newly developed Google Spider will start crawling the mobile site and look into the three aspects mentioned above and that will determine your ranking.

Top Tips for Mobile SEO

Now that you know why you need mobile SEO, let us look into how you can start optimising your website for mobile.

  • Choose a great font that is legible and large enough. Good typography is the first key to a good user experience.
  • Do not put buttons and clickable elements close to each other.
  • As much as possible, put your contact number right at the first section that users would see and make it clickable.
  • This will enable them to call you easily for the information that they are looking for.
  • Build simple, minimal, and easy forms
  • Eliminate unnecessary web elements on mobile
  • Start writing content that targets locals

Ask for reviews from your past and present customers and display them in a position where they can be easily seen
This is just a small list of tips for mobile SEO. Sydney SEO expert ensures that a website is ready when the new mobile Googlebot crawls it.