Why the Keyword Frequency Matters?

By March 30, 2018SEO Tips

If you are an AdWords advertiser, a blogger or the one looking for SEO services, then you must be quite familiar with ‘keyword density.’ So, what is it? And, how does it work to support digital marketing campaigns?

Below, is a breakdown of what the term entails, how it functions and its importance in your marketing campaigns.

What Does ‘Keyword Frequency’ Mean?

Keyword frequency is the number of times a specific keyword is repeated within a web page. The higher the number of times the keyword is used the more the frequency rate. Keyword frequency and term keyword density are quite similar both refer to the same thing.

Relation of Keyword Frequency & SEO

To get high rankings on search engines, note the frequency of your keywords. If the frequency rate is low, you’ll have trouble getting a good ranking. Google, for instance, requires the proof in terms of keywords to determine whether the content is relevant to the researcher.

On the other hand, if the keyword density is very high, negative signals are sent to the search engine. This is a black-hat technique referred to as ‘keyword-stuffing’ which is quite harmful.

Keyword Frequency & PPC

PPC campaigns rely mostly on keyword frequency. Keywords should be used accordingly in the ads to deem them relevant to the online researcher.

Posting ads without the keywords used in PPC campaigns will render your ads useless, and they won’t appear on search engines. This reduces the click-through-rate. The quality score reduces which in turn increases the campaign costs. Well-performing ads have an average of two keywords within the content.

What Keyword Frequency in Suitable?

There is no given set of rules that will guide any SEO marketer in determining the perfect density. However, there are a few accepted practises that marketers should follow. Any keyword/ keywords should not be used more than once within a 200-word set. This also applies to any close variant of a keyword.

Is The Keyword Frequency Really that Important?

We have seen how the keyword frequency affects the search engine ranking and discoverability of a webpage or ad. This is just but one among other reasons why your frequency matters.

Up until recently, marketers got away with over stuffing content with keywords in a bid to improve rankings. This is not possible today as the algorithms in place can easily render keyword-stuffed work useless, harming the overall ranking.

Keyword Frequency & Relevance to User Experience

Other than just the SEO effect of keywords, it is crucial to consider the UX (user experience). Regardless of the content of a page, the user experience should be optimised. Have natural flow of keywords that aren’t awkward or forced. Make your content easy to read to optimise the user experience.

Keyword Frequency and Keyword Density

Marketers in SEO services use both terms to refer to the number of times keywords appear on a given webpage. The numerical figure is acquired by dividing the total number of words by the number of keyword appearances and multiplying it by 100.