All About Meta Descriptions and their Importance in SEO

By April 17, 2018SEO Tips

When you first hear the words ‘meta description,’ you might get bored. The words sound so technical and they sound like something so complex that would need a lot of time studying. However, the truth is otherwise. The top SEO Company in Australia can vouch for how easy and simple meta description can be.

In fact, meta descriptions are vital when it comes to SEO. They can become a source of immense power to boost the whole SEO strategy if done the right way. Depending on how you tackle it, a meta description can either grant success or it can cause failure to your business. But, what really are meta descriptions?

The Definition of Meta Descriptions

In its simplest form, meta descriptions are a brief but clear explanation of what the web page is all about. In addition, these descriptions have HTML attributes. If you are still confused, meta descriptions are those short snippets you see under the clickable links on the search results page of Google and other search engines.

Meta descriptions help a user come to a decision whether they would click on the link or not. A meta description can even convince a user to do a transaction on a website. The words in bold are simply the words that match on the search box that the searcher used.

The Importance of Meta Descriptions

Everyone who has an online presence need a meta description. Here are some reasons why:

Click-Through Rate and Organic Traffic Improvement

Normally, a searcher would not pay attention to the results on the second page or even at the bottom of the first page. They know that the most relevant results are at the top. But, if you have an attention-grabbing meta description, you might be able to lure in searchers to click your site from the search engine results page.

Social Sharing Improvement

You might have noticed how social media platforms like Facebook include a short snippet of a link when someone shares it on their social media accounts. When you do not have a meta description, these platforms will just capture whatever first word they find on the page. This really does not look professional if your goal is branding and building your credibility.

Content Selling Point

While there is no direct correlation of the meta description with the rankings, it still proves to be a way to improve click-through rates and the amount of time a user may spend on your website reading on your valuable content.

Tips on Creating Quality Meta Descriptions

Here are some simple tips for creating a good meta description for your pages on your website.

  • Start with a good content. You can only create an awesome description if you are describing awesome content.
  • Utilise your keywords. Both the meta description and the title tag should be optimised with the right keywords related to what the page is about.
  • Keep it short but full of impact. You would not want Google and other search engines to cut off the meta description in the middle. As a benchmark, keep it under 155 characters.

The top SEO Company of Australia suggests that you do not stuff the description with keywords. Your goal is to give the user a brief and concise explanation of what the page is all about.