Off-Page SEO Tricks to Kick Start Your Online Reputation

By April 17, 2018On Page SEO

Off-page SEO is simply a set of strategies that you do outside your website. It is the process of building backlinks (the lifeblood of off-page SEO), influencer marketing, sharing content on social network sites, and more. Ideally, this will result in an upward movement in your brand recall, traffic generation, search ranking results, and conversions. SEO services in Melbourne company can help you take charge of this strategy.

To most people, off-page SEO does not make sense. To them, it is like working hard to build a comfortable house and then finding out they have to clean the pavement leading to their house as well. However, when you do not pay attention to off-page SEO, your reputation might be at stake.

It is not enough to take care of your website from the inside. It is also equally important to improve your reputation so you can get more visitors. In a nutshell, off-page SEO will ensure that your on-page SEO efforts will be efficient.

The Importance of SEO

It is not hard to realise the value of off-page SEO. It is a universal fact that people will seek out for your brand after they have formed an opinion about it. They will gather information from different sources to help them decide.

More often than not, many still get the wrong connotation that off-page SEO is all about link building. While link building is part of off-page SEO, it is not the heart and soul. This simply means that building links are only benefits of off-page SEO and they are not the real goal.

Proven Off-Page SEO Tips

Below are some tested and proven tips by other SEO strategists. They target three different aspects of your business: brand, audience, and content.

  1. Build an Awesome Customer Service: A bad customer service can jeopardise a company’s SEO efforts. Your goal is to provide amazing customer service through communication. Make your audience feel that they can reach out to you easily.
  2. Put Your Customers’ Needs First: Many businesses fail to market their products or services because they are really not what the market wants. Learn how to affiliate your products with the proper keywords that people are using to search for similar products. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and match the information of your products to what they are really looking for.
  3. Never Forget Social Media: Aside from the classic customer service, social media is somehow the digital version of good customer service. Typically, people resort to social media when they want to know more about what they are looking for. Take this as an opportunity to be there for them. Use social media to convey the message that you are there and that you are human.
  4. Vary Your Content: SEO services in Melbourne company can offer a wide range of content marketing services including quality blog and article writing. However, you must realise that not everyone likes reading. At some point, you will have to shake things up and start creating visual content. We all know that mobile access is the thing today and it would be much easier for your target audience to understand you if they can relate to your post instantly.