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How National SEO produced a 213% ROI in two months, turning its client into an industry-leader in the process.

“We’d tried a number of SEO agencies, but they all over-promised and under-delivered. When we found National SEO, we finally got the results we were looking for.”


The Situation

Sarah was tired of dealing with agencies that couldn’t deliver on their promises. She’d been fed a lot of hype, but hadn’t received the results she needed to take her fashion company to the next level. Frustrated and close to giving up, Sarah finally turned to us, and explained her problem.

Sarah’s company had been in business for many years, and for a time was actually thriving. They had SEO down, received adequate site visitors, and had a healthy sales conversion rate. But when Google changed their algorithm and began to focus more on quality of content rather than quantity and keyword density, Sarah’s began to slide down the search results pages, and her numbers dropped correspondingly. What she needed from us was a new approach to SEO—one that was effective and well versed in the latest SEO policies and strategy. We immediately set to work updating her content and equipping her to thrive once again.

“National SEO gets the job done. Literally every step of our SEO campaign has been handled with professionalism and efficiency.”

Our Approach

What Sarah needed to do was rethink her entire SEO strategy and revamp her online content. Fashion is largely a visual industry, but due to the fact that it serves an upscale, educated consumer base, content needed to be as eloquent as it was eye-catching.

We set about creating picture-rich content that was also well-written and utilised keywords appropriately, with the goal of attracting authentic interaction with and interest in what Sarah had to say. By creating an audience for her content, we were able to boost her search results and return the company to the top of the industry.

Valuable Content

Gone are the days when keyword-dense copy was all you needed to optimize your search strategy? Today, the quality of the content is what matters. Sarah’s content contained a lot of the right words, but it wasn’t interesting and compelling, and people didn’t find value in it.

Because site visitors weren’t actually spending time with the content, Google had moved Sarah’s site down the search rankings. But we were able to remedy that by creating content that was not only interesting and relevant, but actually made people want more. The success of this authentic, authoritative content pushed the site back up the rankings onto the first page, where it belonged.

New Keyword Themes

In addition to updating Sarah’s overarching content strategy, we also did research into thematic keywords for her industry, and were able to find a number of keywords that she was not leveraging. By integrating these into her new content, we were able to help the site rank highly for new, trending keywords, effectively broadening its search presence.

“Their audit of our site was spot on, and the implementation of their suggested strategies was immediate and effective.”

Our Campaign Achievements

213% ROI Within Two Months

It took less than a month to see marked improvements in the sites search rankings, and the brand quickly began to reap the benefits of this improved visibility.

Within two months, Sarah had seen a 213% return on her investment in updated SEO, and in the months that followed that number continued to rise. Her company now leads its industry, thanks in large part to the fact that people are finally finding the brand’s top-quality products.

“Knowing they are on the job relieves a ton of stress for me, and gives me confidence that my company will thrive into the future. Highly recommended!”