Beer Cartel

How National SEO created rankings for 410 new keywords, and increased revenue by over 627%.

“National SEO gets the job done right!”


How It Began

We began working on this campaign in July of 2017. Sam, the company’s owner, was a mellow, laid-back guy with a head for business who had created an original concept for his market: Boutique Beer. This industry is relatively small and niche, and there wasn’t too much competition. But the few competitors who existed were very targeted and specific, and had really strong web presence with good SEO. Sam came to us to find opportunities for his brand to up its online visibility and move past competitors on the rankings for important keywords.

Because the company was busy developing new products and prototypes, Sam didn’t have room in his schedule to optimise his website on his own. When he brought in National SEO, we quickly identified opportunities to move his brand ahead of the competition without even having to build off-page links!

“You don’t often find an SEO agency that is so hard-working and focused. National SEO’s audit of our site revealed numerous opportunities, and changes were made quickly and efficiently to boost our rankings!”

Our SEO strategy

Sam has a lot of technical web knowledge, so we didn’t waste any time moving into the technical aspects of his site audit. We quickly developed the foundation for his campaign, listing the SEO indicators we would be focusing on to improve his site’s search results. In addition to SEO, we also focused on a targeted, organic marketing strategy that would help bring authentic, qualified leads to Sam’s website.

The results speak for themselves. We helped shape the site into one that is focused on conversions and optimised for search, giving the brand the jumpstart it needed to get a leg up on the competition.

Thematic Keywords and Buyer Personas

A successful SEO campaign requires more than simple optimisation of code and keyword placement. Sam needed to better understand his buyer personas, and how they find online content.

We worked with Sam to do an intensive SEO buyer persona analysis, focused on the specific search and purchasing habits of their industry. In doing so, we were able to pinpoint what customers were searching for, and just as importantly, why. We were then able to take this information and use it to build a list of keyword themes.

Optimising SEO Info Architecture

After establishing buyer personas and selecting keywords, we advised Sam to build four new pages on his site that targeted four keyword themes.

Here at National SEO, we believe in doing everything as well as possible, and this campaign was no exception. Although it would take more work, we knew that building these four new site pages would benefit Sam’s company and help it outrank its competitors, which was exactly what they required if they wanted to increase the number of qualified visitors.

Schema Markup

Schema markup was one SEO strategy that really delivered great results in this campaign. We were able to greatly improve click-through rate, which ultimately led to more qualified leads. We were able to improve the professionalism of the site, and improve its popularity with organic searchers. This resulted in a 25% higher click-through rate.

Optimising SEO for the Entire Site

Once we had dealt with these other issues, we went into full optimisation mode, overhauling the site and making sure that all content followed best practices for SEO. The entire process took us a little less than two months, and ended up delivering above and beyond even our own expectations.

“First National SEO audited our site, bringing a list of necessary upgrades to our attention—and then they implemented them all for us!”

The Results of Our Campaign

By focusing on on-page optimisation, we were able to achieve a 627% increase in revenue and a 187% increase in qualified leads. These results are far beyond what even our team expected to see, especially considering the fact that the site was relatively new and had did not have a large portfolio of backlinks. Numbers like that aren’t supposed to be possible in the SEO industry, but when you work hard and know your business, anything is possible.

Taking Keywords from Unranked to the Top of Page One

Since Sam’s site’s keywords weren’t thematically optimised, it wasn’t even showing up on the rankings for important categories. But our intensive audit was able to turn this around, producing groundbreaking results for the company.

1,401 Growth in Targeted Keywords

Our campaign targeted 45 keywords, and they ended up growing 1,401 places in Google results. That equates to more than 31 places per keyword, on average. This was largely due to our comprehensive on-page site optimisation.

410 Rankings for New Keywords

Due to the comprehensive nature of our approach, our clients often rank not only for our targeted keywords, but many others as well. While we only targeted 45 keywords in this campaign, the campaign ended up increasing total ranking for 410 other new keywords! In other words, the site now ranks for 410 searches that it didn’t rank for before our campaign.

“Very impressive. I can’t recommend National SEO highly enough.”