Centre Com

How Capital SEO produced a 418% increase in organic revenue in only three short months, enabling a startup to survive and thrive in its first year.

“I needed something big, something that would allow me to reach customers and prove my company’s viability.”


The Situation

Jason’s company, Centre Com, was struggling. Although they produced top-level computer hardware, they were surrounded by cutthroat competition in a saturated market, and were having trouble meeting sales goals.

They knew that their products were top-notch, but their inability to hit the top of the search pages meant prospective clients were going elsewhere. When Jason came to us, he was clear about what he wanted—a major increase in business and profitability. We knew that in order to accomplish that, we’d have to push his business to the top of the search pages.

“Even months after our initial SEO campaign, they continue to exceed expectations through small tweaks and refinements to our overall strategy”

Our Approach

Since Jason’s company worked in the industry, he had a basic understanding of SEO. But his focus was on hardware, not online positioning, so he knew that he needed the help of professionals. Working with someone who already understood the industry was exciting, because he learned quickly and was open to new ideas and suggestions. After doing an extensive analysis of his online presence, we sat down with Jason to talk strategy. It was clear that we needed to focus on optimizing his positioning and exposure for specific, commonly searched keywords.

We discussed both short- and long-term goals, working closely with Jason to understand his vision and where he wanted to see his company go. Taking into account his goals and the results of our comprehensive analysis, we developed both short- and long-term SEO strategies that began to see immediate results.

Development of Backlinks

Part of what Jason’s company was missing was an effective backlink network. He needed strong, authentic links that positioned him not only for search recognition, but also as an authority in his industry.

We developed a series of high-quality, informative articles that upped both his domain authority and his street cred, exposing his brand to the world and making it not only easy, but also exciting for other websites to link to his content.

Targeted Keywords

Due to the nature of Jason’s business, specific keywords were essential to elevating his position on search pages and attracting potential customers to his site. We leveraged our expertise and extensive knowledge of keyword strategy to pinpoint the keywords he needed to boost, and then implemented an effective strategy to introduce those keywords without saturating his web content to the point of exhaustion.

The result was better search results and a massive increase in site traffic. Rather than focusing on dozens of keywords that were only moderately relevant, we specifically targeted six high-impact keywords, and moving his site to the first page for all six.

“They keep a close eye on our ongoing results, help us understand what is happening and why, and bring innovative and achievable ideas to the table to help us continue to grow.”

A Strategy for Success

As his website moved up the search results pages, Jason’s business began to flourish.

By the time he reached the top of the first page, his company had seen a 418% growth in income—in only three months.

Not only did this give him the confidence and capital he needed to push his startup through it’s first year, but it also positioned the brand as an exciting up-and-comer, proving its viability and attracting investors.

“What would I do without them?!”