SEO Strategy

Based on Data

The reason National SEO stands head and shoulders above other companies in the SEO service industry is because we focus on data first. Our campaigns are built around the data we collect during analysis—not some secret alchemy that we keep hidden from our clients.



How our campaigns work

Keyword Themes

We customize your campaign’s keyword themes to fit the specific needs of your company.


On-Site Strategy

Our extensive site audit enables us to take any website to the top of the search rankings.


Effective Backlinks

We develop domain authority first-page search results with effective backlinks and an exemplary link distribution strategy.


After three short months with National SEO, our site is already performing beyond our expectations. Their customized SEO strategy has led to a 40% growth in our organic traffic, and our KPI goals for keyword ranking have all been surpassed. The best part is that the team is approachable and transparent. There are no secrets or manoeuvring with National SEO—just good old-fashioned professionalism.


Industry | Construction

Campaign length | 3+ months

Results | 40% traffic growth

Why National SEO?

Immediate Access to Data

There is no waiting around with us. Our real-time data allows you to track the success of your campaign, and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Real and Measurable ROI

Since our SEO strategies are based on data, their success is measurable in real-time. You will always know exactly what value you are receiving from your SEO campaign—an important bit of info for your financial reports.

Campaign Flexibility

It doesn’t matter if your company is a tiny startup or a multinational conglomerate.Our SEO specialists will create a custom campaign for you that fits your exact needs and specifications, and that can grow with your company.

Complete Transparency

The SEO industry has a reputation for shady dealings, but at National SEO our goal is to change that stereotype. Our clients approach SEO with confidence because they have seen our results and know that we have their best interests as our only priority.

Measurable Results

National Analytics ®

  • Watch your target keywords grow in real time.
  • Track the monthly growth of organic traffic.
  • Detailed information on ROI and conversion pathways.

SEO Campaigns

Our Process and Approach to Campaigns


To those in the know, SEO is the cornerstone of good business. Unfortunately, many others think of it as some esoteric enigma that they will never understand. Our goal is to help our clients understand exactly how SEO works, and to make it work for them.

Search engine optimisation is what we do. We take pride in our ability to shape your website and web content for optimum exposure and first-page search ranking. Our strategy includes a variety of aspects, such as social media, thematic keywords, relevant content, and effective backlinks.

The SEO specialists at National SEO thinks of Search Engine Optimisation as more than just a job. This is our passion, and we treat it as such. Our industry-leading website audits give us a detailed picture of how your site is doing, and where it can be improved. We look at all aspects of your site, evaluating your use of links, keywords, and informative blog posts to see what we need to address, and in what order.

Once we have a deep understanding of your specific situation, we put our expertise to work building a bespoke SEO campaign that includes on-page and off-page best practices aimed at increasing your organic traffic and boosting your Search Engine Optimisation ranking. Our data-driven approach creates the type of websites Google appreciates, and the result is a place at the top of the search results.

At National SEO, we know search. Our extensive experience has equipped us to elevate your site so that it competes with those at the top of the search results, but doing so requires a number of different interworking strategies. Improving off-page SEO is one way that we take your site to the next level.

Off-page SEO involves the various behind-the-scenes elements that go into helping your site rank. This includes everything that you do away from your site, but that helps increase rankings of the pages that are actually on your site. Strategies such as building links, improving the authority of your site, and developing appropriate social signals all go into off-page SEO development. These factors are what search engines look for internally when ranking your site.

The National SEO process is efficient, effective, and immediate. We have helped clients all over the world achieve the results that they need to see their businesses thrive. Nothing is left up to chance—we use a scientific, objective approach to collecting data and implementing appropriate techniques to move you up the rankings.

When beginning your SEO campaign, the first and most important step is to optimise your on-page SEO. The factors that go into on-page SEO have an enormous effect on your website’s search rankings, so it is crucial to shape your on-page content to achieve your stated goals. In layman’s terms, on-page SEO is the practice of ensuring that your coding, content, and media are all optimised for search.

On-Page SEO includes a number of best practices to streamline the operation of your site and its pages. Search engines “crawl” your site through the use of bots that seek evaluate your content to see if it is worthy of being highly ranked. Factors that are taken into account include keywords, good content, proper use of social, and a healthy, relevant network of outbound and internal links.

While many SEO agencies make big claims, here at National SEO, we actually deliver. We have developed a process that gets the job done, and gets it done well, with clients enjoying consistent, measureable success. We can achieve the same for you!

It used to be that it didn’t matter if the websites you were linked to had good domain authority—all that mattered was that you had links. This is no longer the case. Sites with low domain authority are now considered to be spammy, and don’t necessarily improve the authority of your site.

Here at National SEO, we focus on developing links with sites that exhibit high domain authority, and make sure those links include effective anchor text. By doing so, we show the search engines that your brand and site have a high level of authority, and are therefore worthy of trust. This increases what is called your site’s trust flow. Our ongoing relationships with various leading authority sites allows us to make sure that your site is well-connected.

The reality is that not everyone appreciates spread sheets and graphs full of complex, indecipherable numbers. The average person wants a report that they can understand—something that is written in a language they can relate to, in words that make sense to them. That’s why National SEO is always careful to outline and explain your SEO situation and suggestions for your campaign in narrative form.

When people talk to each other, they do so in normal, everyday language—and that’s exactly what we do when we talk to you. While never condescending, we also don’t assume that you understand industry lingo and statistics. So we lay out the entire situation to you in simple, easily understood terms that not only inform you, but also help you to better understand what SEO is all about. This narrative style of reporting includes:

  • Descriptions of the steps we have been able to make in improving your SEO situation, by a personal account manager who talks to you one on one, in language you can relate to.
  • A list of all necessary content that must be created, so that our clients can understand the process, and also ensure that what we are trying to accomplish is in line with their goals. If you don’t approve it, we don’t do it!
  • A chance for our clients to look at each specific link that we build for their sites—something that is virtually unheard of in the SEO business!

We are all about transparency, and that’s why our clients keep coming back to us year after year.

An SEO campaign to optimise your site is an ongoing process that involves the continuous collection and analysis of data, and ongoing development of your personal SEO strategy to fit the situation. This type of approach requires ongoing, effective communication with our clients, which is why we put so much effort into making sure that our reports are as clear as they are accurate.


Retail Complex


16+ months


150% increase in total keywords ranked

86% year-over-year growth in organic traffic

54% increase in keywords on Google first page

Fast, efficient, and extremely accommodating—these are words that come to mind when I think of National SEO. The process of revamping our SEO has been as interesting as it has effective. I’ve learned a lot, and my business has enjoyed the results of that learning.



The Metrics We Use to Measure Campaign ROI



It isn’t easy to boost traffic to a website—but it’s possible. It’s also essential to a business’s success, which is why it is our main focus. Your site needs to rank high, but it needs to do so by providing valuable content to your site visitors—content that will convert them into customers.

We optimise your site through both on- and off-page SEO best practices, which directly correlates to more site traffic and business. By establishing your site as an authoritative source of information, we give search engine crawlers exactly what they are looking for. As they find relevant backlinks, appropriate keyword usage, and valuable content, they will move you up the rankings, which means more eyes on your site.

An SEO campaign that focuses on organic traffic is more successful in the long run than one that focuses on PPC traffic, and is more cost-effective as well.


You obviously have goals for the growth of your business—that’s why you are investing in SEO and working to optimise your position in online search. By working closely with you in designing your custom campaign, we will have an intimate understanding of what those goals are, and will use them as a metric to measure the success of your new SEO strategy.


It isn’t enough to bring people to your website. In order to convert them into customers, you also have to convince them to click through once they are there. Whether they encounter a call to action, an advertisement, or even email correspondence from you, the goal is to get them to interact. By measuring click-through rate, we can see exactly how effective your content is once people find it. With our real-time analysis of your ongoing results, we will be able to evaluate how effective your online content is, and whether the people visiting your site are qualified leads. This data will tell you what is working and what isn’t, and can be used to inform future strategy development.

Campaign Metrics

The Metrics We Use to Measure SEO ROI


As with a specific campaign ROI, goals are a great indicator of how well your overall SEO strategy is working. Goal tracking allows you to see how leads are being generated and moved into the marketing funnel, so that your staff knows how to appropriately respond to your various prospective customers. This also lets you see if your overarching strategy is effective, and where it can be improved.

When a business has its point of sale as part of its actual website, we are able to use ecommerce tracking to mine data about the effectiveness of an active SEO strategy. We can also identify opportunities for growth, scalability, and greater profits. We filter this data for approaches such as email, social, and search, enabling us to see exactly where your organic traffic is coming from, so we know which channels are working, and which need to be tweaked.

Ultimately, the reason for SEO is to increase your business’s revenue. When it comes to measuring the success of a campaign, this is the ultimate metric. By comparing new revenues generated with you SEO investment, we can see a detailed ROI report that not only shows you the overall value of your campaign, but also helps to identify which strategies are most effective and valuable.

We provide you with in-depth reports each month that detail revenue and return on investment so you can see what is working in your SEO campaign and what needs to be improved. Because we are able to see exactly what channels are producing your various sales, we can continuously tweak your SEO strategy for ongoing growth.

The scalability of your company can be assessed by looking at ROI and the revenue a campaign is generating. As you look at the success of your SEO and the growth of your company, you can decide how and when to expand your campaign and take your business to the next level.

Because smaller businesses tend to bring in leads through email campaigns and phone calls, tracking these channels helps us to see which of these leads initially discovered your business through organic traffic. At the end of the day, organic traffic is evidence of a successful SEO campaign, so it is important that you have a clear understanding of how your customers are finding you.

With our smaller clients, tracking calls and emails allows us to identify how traffic is making its way to your site, so that we can continue to improve the various aspects of your site and search strategy.

On average, the clients we work with enjoy 321% annual growth when it comes to organic traffic.

“Ever since bringing in National SEO, our business has seen sustained growth. It’s great to have them on the team!”