Building Links the National SEO Way

Linkbuilding is a crucial part of our process at National SEO. We optimise your website’s portfolio of back links to ensure that you receive the growth you need in your ranking results.



How We Build Links

Domain Authority

National SEO has a broad network of sites and blogs that enjoy impressive domain authority, and pass that authority on to your site by building active links. We carefully analyse every prospective site link before implementation.


Optimising Anchor Text

Prior to building links on your site, our team does a careful analysis of your site’s anchor text, as well as that of your competitors. In this way, we are able to select specific, effective anchor text for each link on each page.


Choosing Relevant Themes

When selecting sites to link your website to, we look at the relevance of their content to your campaign, ensuring that the domain authority you receive is useful and worthwhile and that the link is qualified.


After three short months with National SEO, our site is already performing beyond our expectations. Their customized SEO strategy has led to a 40% growth in our organic traffic, and our KPI goals for keyword ranking have all been surpassed. The best part is that the team is approachable and transparent. There are no secrets or manoeuvring with National SEO—just good old-fashioned professionalism.

Industry | Construction
Campaign length | 3+ months
Results | 40% traffic growth

Why National SEO?

Immediate Access to Data

There is no waiting around with us. Our real-time data allows you to track the success of your campaign, and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Real and Measurable ROI

Since our SEO strategies are based on data, their success is measurable in real-time. You will always know exactly what value you are receiving from your SEO campaign—an important bit of info for your financial reports.

Campaign Flexibility

It doesn’t matter if your company is a tiny startup or a multinational conglomerate. We will create a custom campaign for you that fits your exact needs and specifications, and that can grow with your company.

Complete Transparency

The SEO industry has a reputation for shady dealings, but at National SEO our goal is to change that stereotype. Our clients approach SEO with confidence because they have seen our results and know that we have their best interests as our only priority.

Measurable Results

National Analytics ®

  • Watch your target keywords grow in real time.
  • Track the monthly growth of organic traffic.
  • Detailed information on ROI and conversion pathways.

Our Process

How We Build Links

Based on a scale from 0 to 100 created by Moz, domain authority measures the likelihood that a domain will rank for a specific query. This is generally based on a number of measurable metrics such as amount of links, and links to root domains.

Your domain authority is established by comparing your domain to various Google queries. If you want to have a high domain authority score, your site has to include numerous external links of high quality. In other words, this score is highly dependant on the presence of off-page links.

National SEO takes into account your domain authority score when developing your SEO strategy. As we develop links, we consider domain authority scores so that we can recognize which domains we should target and which we should avoid. In general, we avoid sites with domain authority scores that are lower than 30.

Before engaging in a comprehensive edit, it is important to have a good idea of what your targets and goals will be. Search engine optimisation is not the end goal—it is a tool to get you there. What results are you looking for from your SEO campaign? Do you want to improve rankings for specific keywords? Increase organic traffic? Out-perform your competition? Fix existing problems that are penalizing you in search?

It isn’t enough to say, “We want to rank higher on search pages” or “Our site needs more traffic.” You need to have measurable goals that provide direction so that your strategy can be structured appropriately. This way, you can then evaluate the results of your strategy and see what is happening and what isn’t.

After we have a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish with your SEO campaign, we can do a full audit that is aimed towards accomplishing these goals.

Anchor text is most easily described as text that is hyperlinked. This instructs search crawlers to categorize the website that the link connects to. Google and other search platforms relate anchor text and their associated themes to a site, and consider this when ranking that site against competitor sites with similar anchor text. As a theme is developed for what a particular website contains, it establishes authority within that theme.

National SEO follows a number of proven best practices when building links, since we know that off-page optimisation and strong links are critical when positioning your site as an authority amongst your competitors.

We have established relationships with tens of thousands of sites that can be linked to, and maintain complete control while building your links. We also monitor your links to ensure that they are structured correctly and performing well. If a site that you are linked to sees its domain authority drop below 30, we can remove that link to make sure that your site doesn’t suffer. Or, alternatively, we can keep that link, and build a second link to another site with a higher score, so that your site increases its authority and actually ends up with more links. And unlike other unscrupulous SEO providers, we don’t remove links once our clients have finished their campaign with us.

We also stand apart from other SEO agencies in that we research thematic keywords while developing your anchor text. This helps to increase your website’s authority in a particular theme, as perceived by the search crawlers. In the rare case that an anchor text has a detrimental effect on your ranking, we can change it and make sure that it is performing well. And if there are any errors in the posts that contain your links, we can correct those and ensure your content is of the highest quality.

Finally, National SEO does regular analysis of anchor text, evaluating the anchor text of your competitors so that we can create the best possible mix of anchor text for the keywords you are targeting. This helps us make sure that we are building the best possible link strategy for your site.

Retail Complex
16+ months
150% increase in total keywords ranked
86% year-over-year growth in organic traffic
54% increase in keywords on Google first page

Fast, efficient, and extremely accommodating—these are words that come to mind when I think of National SEO. The process of revamping our SEO has been as interesting as it has effective. I’ve learned a lot, and my business has enjoyed the results of that learning.


The Metrics We Use to Measure Link Building Campaign ROI



It isn’t easy to boost traffic to a website—but it’s possible. It’s also essential to a business’s success, which is why it is our main focus. Your site needs to rank high, but it needs to do so by providing valuable content to your site visitors—content that will convert them into customers.

We optimise your site through both on- and off-page SEO best practices, which directly correlates to more site traffic and business. By establishing your site as an authoritative source of information, we give search engine crawlers exactly what they are looking for. As they find relevant backlinks, appropriate keyword usage, and valuable content, they will move you up the rankings, which means more eyes on your site.

An SEO campaign that focuses on organic traffic is more successful in the long run than one that focuses on PPC traffic, and is more cost-effective as well.


You obviously have goals for the growth of your business—that’s why you are investing in SEO and working to optimise your position in online search. By working closely with you in designing your custom campaign, we will have an intimate understanding of what those goals are, and will use them as a metric to measure the success of your new SEO strategy.


It isn’t enough to bring people to your website. In order to convert them into customers, you also have to convince them to click through once they are there. Whether they encounter a call to action, an advertisement, or even email correspondence from you, the goal is to get them to interact. By measuring click-through rate, we can see exactly how effective your content is once people find it. With our real-time analysis of your ongoing results, we will be able to evaluate how effective your online content is, and whether the people visiting your site are qualified leads. This data will tell you what is working and what isn’t, and can be used to inform future strategy development.

On average, the clients we work with enjoy 321% annual growth when it comes to organic traffic.

“Ever since bringing in National SEO, our business has seen sustained growth. It’s great to have them on the team!”