Developing Your Off-Page SEO

National SEO builds links with authority, optimises your social presence, and develops editorial content that works with Google’s algorithms.

The algorithms Google uses to rank pages change frequently, so it is important to keep up with the latest updates.

The two most important factors considered when search engines rank websites are on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO, such as HTML and posts, are visible on your site, but there are many off-page factors that should be taken into account.

Strategies for Linkbuilding


One of the main ways to improve your SEO ranking is to obtain links from other sites, as these help search engine crawlers to find your site. Having a lot of valuable content on your site is great, but if Google doesn’t know that it’s there, it won’t know to rank you highly. Links from other sites help Google discover you, so that it has the opportunity analyse and rank your content.

How Do Off-Page SEO Links Work?

Google’s search bots crawl links on and between sites, evaluating and indexing content. This index is used to rank sites’ authority and value for visitors, which affects your site’s search ranking.

How Can Off-Page SEO Benefit My Business?

It should be clear by now that off-page SEO is beneficial for your business because it helps you rank higher in search. PageRank is a tool that Google uses to evaluate the quality of a sites links, along with other things like citations and keywords. While this is not the only ranking that matters, it is very important, not only because it moves you up the rankings, but also because it demonstrates your company’s authority and trustworthiness.

Just as correct use of backlinks is valuable for a site, misuse can be very damaging. SEO experts used to try to game the system, but now that Google has updated its algorithms, you can actually get penalized for using SEO strategies that are aimed at cheating. Google continuously looks for ways to update their algorithms so that low-quality sites are penalized, and those that deserve to be ranked high find their way to the top of the search pages.

How Citations Can Boost Off-Page SEO


Listing your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on other websites elevates your site’s authority and online presence.

This is simpler than link building, as your URL doesn’t have to be listed to get you credit—all you need is your NAP. That being said, you still want to make sure you follow best practices to ensure you get the citation credit you should.

Format doesn’t really matter, as long as you are consistent. Citations should typically have the same format as your NAP on your website. As part of your SEO strategy, Capital SEO will develop your citation network to strengthen your backlinks. Your citations will be built in concert with your Google MyBusiness page to further enhance search results for local maps. Not only does this elevate your backlink search ranking, but it also increases your maps visibility.

Another major factor in a business’s search rankings is its social media presence and community.

Businesses can use social media to further their online presence through relevant posts, interesting links, and fun image-based content. SMO (social media optimisation) works alongside SEO by providing an outlet through which your content can be shared.

Social media also allows other people to share your content, which furthers its reach. When you link your website to your social media platforms, it can sere to elevate your traffic and improve your web presence. When others share your web pages, the posts and links are crawled and indexed, helping Google to discover and rank you. Interactions such as shares, likes, and comments help you gain a larger following, which ultimately results in more links.

The Capital SEO Strategy for Off-Page Optimisation.

When it comes time to optimise your off-site content, you want to work with someone who understands all of the nuances involved. Capital SEO has helped dozens of brands work their way up the search rankings and achieve their SEO goals.

We look at a wide range of data to evaluate how your site can outrank competing companies. There is a science to our method, and we are ready to build your campaign today.


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