National SEO’s Thematic Keyword Research

Thematic keywords lay the foundation for your SEO strategy. Here at National SEO, we take thematic keyword research to a new level, reinventing it with our revolutionary approach.


Our Approach to Thematic Keyword Research

Keywords Based on Purchase Intent

The keywords that we choose for each theme are based on purchase intent. Our keywords are specifically selected because they lead to organic leads.


Mimicking Google’s Search Process

Every aspect of the SEO campaign we build for you is customized and based on best practices, and this includes our approach to keywords. We select specific, relevant keyword themes, in the same was that Google does.


High Value Keywords

As we consider keywords, we look at the potential for large movements up the search results. This takes into account both competition and search volume.


After three short months with National SEO, our site is already performing beyond our expectations. Their customized SEO strategy has led to a 40% growth in our organic traffic, and our KPI goals for keyword ranking have all been surpassed. The best part is that the team is approachable and transparent. There are no secrets or manoeuvring with National SEO—just good old-fashioned professionalism.

Industry | Construction
Campaign length | 3+ months
Results | 40% traffic growth

Why National SEO?

Immediate Access to Data

There is no waiting around with us. Our real-time data allows you to track the success of your campaign, and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Real and Measurable ROI

Since our SEO strategies are based on data, their success is measurable in real-time. You will always know exactly what value you are receiving from your SEO campaign—an important bit of info for your financial reports.

Campaign Flexibility

It doesn’t matter if your company is a tiny startup or a multinational conglomerate. We will create a custom campaign for you that fits your exact needs and specifications, and that can grow with your company.

Complete Transparency

The SEO industry has a reputation for shady dealings, but at National SEO our goal is to change that stereotype. Our clients approach SEO with confidence because they have seen our results and know that we have their best interests as our only priority.

Measureable Results

National Analytics ®

  • Watch your target keywords grow in real time.
  • Track the monthly growth of organic traffic.
  • Detailed information on ROI and conversion pathways.

How We Research

Thematic Keywords


Keywords are an essential part of a strong SEO strategy. In the simplest terms, they are words entered into a search engine, such as Bing, Yahoo, or Google. But there is a lot more to keywords. The keywords that people search for reveal information about them, such as what they are interested in and the methods they use to search. Understanding that, it is vital to choose keywords that replicate your prospective customer’s interests and searches.

Keyword research involves learning about the keywords people use when utilizing a search engine to locate a product or service. To maximize your SEO campaign, it is important to think like your prospective customer and identify the keywords they use to find your product or service.

It is important to think about this as a method for bringing visitors to your site, rather than simply searching out phrases that refer to your content. You have to understand your visitors’ motivations, and where they are in the sales funnel. Taking all of this into account, keyword research can be the bridge that connects your business with your prospective customers.

It is also important to identify head terms and long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords comprise around 70% of the keywords used in searches, so they are a great way to attract visitors to your site.

While they are related to general keywords, long-tail keywords tend to be quite specific. For example, a search for “trucks” might bring up thousands of results that the searcher might find irrelevant. For this reason, it is important to rank for more specific long-tail keywords that will help the searcher find what they are looking for, such as “Dodge Ram.”

Your keywords will make up the foundation of your SEO campaign, so it is important that they are strong and relevant. Other aspects of your campaign (such as links and content) will be shaped around your keywords, so you want to get them right from the beginning. That’s why research is so important.

By using thematic keyword research, we help websites rank well for search queries that are relevant to their businesses. When the content on a site contains the right keywords, the related themes can be indexed by search crawlers, which makes the site more visible to search engines such as Google. When Google sees your site as authoritative and relevant, it will rank you higher in search results. Thus, choosing the correct keywords can result in higher rankings and ultimately more business.

Sometimes the best way to understand good keyword strategy is to first look at bad keyword strategy. Too often, agencies that claim to be SEO “experts” will simply type in a head term, do a quick search, then give their client the list that Google provides. This is not effective thematic keyword research. In fact, it’s not really research at all.

It is important to evaluate the relevancy and effectiveness of individual keywords. Using generic keywords not only wastes effort and resources by attracting traffic that is not actually interested in your product or service, but it also runs the risk of missing out on important keywords that might actually bring you business.

At National SEO, we evaluate keyword themes that will bring traffic to your site that will ultimately lead to conversions. We use these themes to identify relevant long-tail keywords that fit our criteria for volume and competition/difficulty, then pair them with URLs. This strategy is more effective, and also helps us to compile a list of terms we will target over the course of your campaign.

Thematic keyword research informs nearly all aspects of your SEO strategy. All of the parts of your SEO campaign are interrelated, so with each aspect that is enhance, another is improved as well. But the most important impact that this research has is the way that it shapes your campaign from the beginning.

When we perform thematic keyword research, we are able to ascertain what type of content you need to be creating in order to appeal to relevant searchers. We use high-volume keywords and build your content around them, as well as topics that are related and relevant. This enables us to avoid wasting time on worthless content, and to focus on content that actually benefits your site. And when you have original, valuable content on your site, it not only benefits your visitors, but also raises your authority score with Google, which leads to a higher search ranking.

Thematic keyword research also provides us with appropriate target keywords that have the difficulty of use and volume that we are looking for. We pair specific URLs with keyword themes, and build internal links to important site pages that possess particular keywords so that the various pages can let Google know that they are relevant to the keyword. Creating these theme-driven links across your site, we build a network of links that shows Google your site is authoritative for specific topics.

One final way that thematic keyword research helps your SEO campaign is with image alt text and meta descriptions. When we make sure specific keywords are present in meta descriptions and alt text, we ensure that you are taking advantage of opportunities to rank for these keywords.

16+ months
150% increase in total keywords ranked
86% year-over-year growth in organic traffic
54% increase in keywords on Google first page

Fast, efficient, and extremely accommodating—these are words that come to mind when I think of National SEO. The process of revamping our SEO has been as interesting as it has effective. I’ve learned a lot, and my business has enjoyed the results of that learning.


The Metrics We Use to Measure Campaign ROI


It isn’t easy to boost traffic to a website—but it’s possible. It’s also essential to a business’s success, which is why it is our main focus. Your site needs to rank high, but it needs to do so by providing valuable content to your site visitors—content that will convert them into customers.

We optimise your site through both on- and off-page SEO best practices, which directly correlates to more site traffic and business. By establishing your site as an authoritative source of information, we give search engine crawlers exactly what they are looking for. As they find relevant backlinks, appropriate keyword usage, and valuable content, they will move you up the rankings, which means more eyes on your site.

An SEO campaign that focuses on organic traffic is more successful in the long run than one that focuses on PPC traffic, and is more cost-effective as well.


You obviously have goals for the growth of your business—that’s why you are investing in SEO and working to optimise your position in online search. By working closely with you in designing your custom campaign, we will have an intimate understanding of what those goals are, and will use them as a metric to measure the success of your new SEO strategy.


It isn’t enough to bring people to your website. In order to convert them into customers, you also have to convince them to click through once they are there. Whether they encounter a call to action, an advertisement, or even email correspondence from you, the goal is to get them to interact. By measuring click-through rate, we can see exactly how effective your content is once people find it. With our real-time analysis of your ongoing results, we will be able to evaluate how effective your online content is, and whether the people visiting your site are qualified leads. This data will tell you what is working and what isn’t, and can be used to inform future strategy development.

On average, the clients we work with enjoy 321% annual growth when it comes to organic traffic.

“Ever since bringing in National SEO, our business has seen sustained growth. It’s great to have them on the team!”