The Significance of Technical SEO for Increasing the Online Traffic

By May 8, 2018On Page SEO

In the simplest terms, technical SEO can be contemplated as the well-defined structure of a website. Writing a read-worthy content is important but it isn’t all that it takes to boost your website’s rankings. Think about a situation when readers click the links to read your content, and they are confronted by an extremely slow loading website. This situation alone can make you lose a lot of users and potential customers. To avoid such situations, you should get bootstrapped with technical strategies implemented by the top SEO company in Melbourne.

Being Mobile-Friendly is Imperative for Digital Existence:

The search engines are embracing the mobile technology as the future of online entities. Hence, their algorithms are consistently evolving to accommodate this new trend. The focus is shifting from desktop-oriented searches to mobile-based browsing. In the recent times, nearly 60% users have started using mobile phones for searching the retail businesses. Hence, you should strive to leverage this aspect with a mobile-friendly responsive website.

Don’t Lag Behind in the Speed:

The loading speed of your website is critical to ensure seamless browsing experiences for your targeted customers. Most of the people abandon a website due to slow-loading pages. If your site takes too long to respond, the users will simply go back to the results page and click the next link. It is an essential component of technical SEO that you shouldn’t overlook. You should keep testing the pages on your website for the issues like poorly optimised images, failure to cache information, lack of content compression, and a lot of plugins.

The Broken Links Can Impede the Experiences:

The users may be annoyed when they are directed to the broken links from your web pages. The only way to avoid this condition is to look for the broken links and get them fixed at the earliest. Take help from the top SEO company in Melbourne to get it done in time. Some other technical errors on your site may include 404 errors that should be avoided at any cost because Google simply hates them. Check for the content duplicity as well to avoid any frustrating errors on your website.

Handling the Image Errors:

The visual content on your website can tank its performance if they aren’t addressed properly. It is an on-page strategy that always works for the website owners. You should ideally use high-quality images and optimise them with the latest image compression plugins. They shrink the images in size to reduce the load times without affecting the quality of the image. Also, run a check for the broken images on your website to fix them on time.

Lastly, ensure that your site has the SSL certificate that signifies the security protocols of a web page. Use these technical SEO tactics to improve your web rankings effectively.