The Cost of SEO—Does It Really Matter?

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With the end of the year quickly coming, many businesses are looking to close out their yearly budgets and spend any unused investment funds. One great way to close out the year, update your marketing strategy, and utilize any leftover funds is by revamping your SEO. But when it comes time to implement a new SEO campaign, many people often get stuck on the cost. So exactly how much will an SEO campaign cost you? And is it worth it?

The short answer to the first question is that it depends. The fact is, there is no clear-cut SEO cost. What you will end up spending depends on your specific circumstances and goals, and the quality of SEO you are looking to obtain. Perhaps the better question, rather than “How much does SEO cost?” is “How much should I spend on SEO?” Here at Capital SEO, we believe that the answer to that question is shaped by the quality you are looking for, the specific situation or context, and the type of SEO campaign you are looking to implement.

When it comes time to develop your SEO campaign, there are two ways to do so: on a goal-oriented basis and a budget-oriented basis.

Quality of SEO

By now, you probably understand that not all SEO is created equal. Most people have some experience with the unfulfilled promises of the average SEO agency, so it should come as no surprise that you typically get what you pay for.

Many companies make the mistake of underestimating how detrimental bad SEO can be for their sites. We have seen many potential clients come to us, then walk away in favour of something cheaper, only to realize that “cheap” is a double-edged sword. They are offered unbelievable packages at prices that are too good to be true—and that’s because they are exactly that: too good to be true.

These are the offerings of low-quality, black-hat search engine optimization agencies that overpromise and underperform, ultimately leaving you in the lurch.

The truth about quality SEO is that it typically costs more than most people expect. But the results are also much more valuable than most people expect, making this a worthwhile investment.

Specific Situations

Once you make the wise decision to work with a quality SEO agency, you next have to take into account your specific situation. While some companies and websites are already well-positioned within their industries, and are simply looking to tweak their web presence and adjust to the continuously evolving online environment, others need a complete revamp of their SEO strategy and presence. The depth of work required will obviously impact the cost.

We draw on years of experience and expertise to custom-fit SEO campaigns to our different clients, understanding that each is unique, and has a unique set of criteria and needs. The strategy that we develop for you will be tailored specifically to your situation, and will provide the highest value due to its quality and comprehensive nature.

Campaign Specifics

When it comes time to develop your SEO campaign, there are two ways to do so: on a goal-oriented basis and a budget-oriented basis. A budget-based SEO campaign sets financial parameters and then evaluates what sort of results you can get at your set price, while a goal-based campaign has specific targets that guide the campaign and the SEO strategy in general.

There are many instances in which our prospective clients find that their goals and budgets don’t align, and in that case we often have to evaluate what aspects of a campaign will be most effective and valuable. But just as often, clients find that what they are trying to do fits neatly within their budget, and we are able to build them the SEO campaigns of their dreams.

The Pros and Cons of Goal-Based Campaigns

Goals are a great tool to help you figure out what you need and when you need it. But when a company’s goals are larger than its budget, they are likely to become frustrated at their inability to reach desired targets. Many companies tend to set unrealistic goals in relation to their budgets, often because they don’t understand everything that goes into SEO, and how much work it takes to achieve something like a 50% increase in organic traffic. Of course, here at National SEO we can achieve results like that, but more often than not it will cost a bit more than most companies realize.

For those clients who are aware of the costs of SEO, and who are open to investing in their companies so that they can see the results they desire, a goal-based campaign tends to work well. When these types of campaigns don’t tend to work out is when disagreements pop up about the costs of specific aspects of the strategy being developed, especially when discussing goals.

The Pros and Cons of Budget-Based Campaigns

Campaigns based on budget parameters tend to be most effective when both the client and agency understands each other. The agency understands the client’s financial limitations, and works to achieve results within that budget. Likewise, the client understands that the agency’s expertise comes with a specific price tag, and knows that paying for quality is an investment in their company’s future. While the agency needs to keep the client’s goals and KPIs in mind at all times, the client needs to trust the agency to respect its budgetary restrictions and to do as much as it can with the funds that have been allocated for the SEO campaign.

Budget-based campaigns tend to fall apart when there is a breakdown in communication about what is possible with certain budgetary limitations, or what different services cost. If either party comes to the table with unrealistic expectations, there is a risk of disagreement and frustration, sometimes resulting in bad blood and a parting of ways. The most important thing is that both the agency and client come to the table with an open mind and open ears, being willing to hear each other out.

Here at National SEO, we are happy to develop both budget-based and goal-based campaigns for our clients. However, we feel it is absolutely essential to first have an in-depth discussion about KPIs and targeted goals, and how realistic these are in relation to a client’s budget. By getting everything out onto the table from the outset, we are more often than not able to find a strategy that works for everyone.

To Conclude

Having said all of that, what exactly is the cost of SEO? There really is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question—and in fact, we don’t even think that it’s the right question to ask.

But is the cost of SEO worth it? That one’s easy: Absolutely—as long as you invest in an SEO agency that hears you, understands you, and brings quality and expertise to the table.


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