Tips to Make Your Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

By June 1, 2018On Page SEO

Digital marketing is already slowly transferring into mobile devices compared to desktops. This is just right as people are also accessing the internet through their handheld gadgets. People nowadays are getting more used to smaller screens. This only means that top SEO Company Sydney should learn new and innovative ways to optimise a business website for mobile viewing.

Now, it is not only the content, layout, and loading speed that needs to be optimised for mobile. You also need to make sure that when visitors land on your website, they are presented with a nice process to prompt them to do something. This might include filling a sign-up form or availing a product offer.

Below are some more tips to further fix your website so it can be viewed more engagingly even if the visitor is using a small smartphone.

Placement of Content

Just like optimising a website for desktop, it is also important in mobile optimisation that the content is placed at strategic points to give the visitors a better experience. When they are viewing the website on smaller screens, placing of the content becomes more crucial because you only have little room to play with how you put your content in there. The key here is to identify the most important action that a visitor would do on your website. Do they need to sign up for a subscription? Or do you want them to purchase a particular product? Whatever it may be, it is important that you present it to them upfront.

Easy Navigation

Here is the logic with mobile phone users. They want an immediate solution to their problem, which is why they access the internet using whatever gadget they can easily grab. Since they want immediate answers, you need your website to present it to them right then and there.

It is pointless to have a complicated and fancy navigation on mobile viewing. If the visitors find it too hard to go around your website, there is a very high chance that they would click away. When it comes to mobile navigation, there are only three things that you should remember: predictability, intuition, and simplicity.

Variety of Screen Sizes

Companies who manufacture gadgets like smartphones and tablets make their products come in different screen sizes. This means that your website should be able to adapt to any screen size it is viewed from. This is called responsiveness. You have to remember that your website can adjust to the size of whatever device there is but they also need to have the same functionality all throughout the different platforms and screen sizes.

Another thing about screen sizes is that they need to be studied for the web developers to instantly accommodate the customers viewing the site. Fortunately, there are tools such as Google Analytics that can help you analyse when and where how they can find your website while keeping the functionality impact.

The Top SEO Company Sydney will find innovative ways to promote your business across different platforms. With the right tools, you can simply start your mobile optimisation.