Understanding the Importance of Keywords

By April 11, 2018SEO Tips

Keyword research is important in creating web pages that rank well on search engines. However, understanding the basic principles of a keyword should come first. As a top Sydney SEO consultant, we explain here in detail what you need to know about the keywords and their importance in the world of SEO.

What are Keywords?

Keyword or focus keyword often used by SEO experts is a term that describes the main content of your page. This is the term one would want their page to rank for within search engines. When potential visitors search for the keyword on search engines such as Google, your web page appears among the results.

During the process of determining which keyword would best define your page, ask yourself the following:

  • What search words would you prefer your site to be found for?
  • What terms will your potential audience key in on search engines?

What is the Importance of Keywords?

We have explained what keywords are, but why are they important? The reason is simple, search engines will rank your page based on the content in it. The search engines will peep into the words used within a page to determine its importance to the searcher. The words used provide clues to the search engine and enables them to understand what the webpage is all about.

Search engine rankings are not the only purpose of keywords. It is actually of less importance as the main focus should be based on your audience. When using SEO the marketer would wish to have the audience reach the related webpage using specific keywords. With the wrong keywords, you will not be able to reach your audience. It is of great importance to know about your target market, to know which words they would use. This is why having well-researched keywords is important.

What is the Best Way to Use Keywords in Posts?

Understanding what keywords are and their importance is one thing, getting to know how to use them is another. The use of keywords has evolved over time. There was a time when keyword stuffing was relevant, this relates to the black hat practice of overusing keywords in your text regardless of whether it made sense or not.

Google and other search engines find this terrible, just as the reader would. Ranking on search engines by keyword stuffing is no longer an option for writers. So what are the best practises to follow? First, make sure your content is clear and easy to read by not stuffing it with keywords. An appropriate density would be 1 – 2%.

Secondly distribute your keywords well throughout the text within different paragraphs. Another great tip would be to use the keywords in subheadings, meta-descriptions and page titles. These tips can improve your site’s visibility and help you reach the right audience. You can hire the best Sydney SEO consultant to do proper keyword research in your niche and help your site to rank high for the keywords to gain increased traffic.